VR Health & Safety Training

The health & safety training industry needs efficient, cost-effective and timely training. VRTS provides real-world scenarios without the real-world danger. Unlike classroom training, VRTS delivers immersive, realistic training that students retain now and when they need it on the job.

VR Technical Training

Technical training doesn't need to be expensive and complicated. VRTS creates realistic simulations for learners before venturing out onto your company's equipment. You'll no longer need to disrupt everyday business because of equipment training. Your trainees will experience the real dangers while mitigating the risks that come with traditional training.

VR Corporate Training

Business training can deploy where and when you need it. VRTS can build training programs you can offer across the globe, eliminating the need for travel. Get your team on the same page and in the same virtual room with interactive training for current and new products without the travel expenses.