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Virtual Reality is Here.

Virtual Reality Training Solutions (VRTS) has the technology to make your training more immersive, more realistic and more retainable than current classroom-style courses.

Does your business require training for employees?

VRTS offers cutting-edge virtual and augmented training programs that provide realistic, immersive experiences where and when you need it at a price you can afford.

VR Health & Safety Training

The health & safety training industry needs efficient, cost-effective and timely training. VRTS provides real-world scenarios without the real-world danger. Unlike classroom training, VRTS delivers immersive, realistic training that students retain now and when they need it on the job.

VR Technical Training

Technical training doesn’t need to be expensive and complicated. VRTS can create realistic simulations learners can try before venturing out onto your company’s equipment.

VR Corporate Training

Business training can be deployed where and when you need it. VRTS can build training programs you can offer across locations, eliminating the need for travel.

80% Retention rate with VR training

“Retention level a year after a VR training session can be as much as 80%, compared to 20% retention after a week with traditional training”

Dr. Narendra Kini, CEO at Miami Children’s Health System


Effective (High Retention)
Resource Saving
Big Data (Analytics)
Easy Administration (VR Hub)
Real-World Scenarios

VR and its Uses in Industrial Safety Training

Melcher Studios and Armour Safety would like to present the various uses for VR in regards to safety training.

We are currently developing safety training modules for use with Virtual Reality systems. This allows the participant to become immersed in a safety training scenario like never before. Imagine participating in a fall safety training session hundreds of feet in the air and the fall protection gear you are using was not properly installed. You are 100% safe with feet on the ground, but you feel like your life is in danger. This visual experience adds a whole dimension to the training sessions. You can place your trainees in real world situations without leaving the classroom.

The majority of what people learn comes from experiential learning, or “learning by doing.” Virtual reality provides an avenue to allow learners to get hands-on without actually executing on the job. Not only does this represent the majority of how we learn, but it also represents a modality with high retention rates.

According to Dr. Narendra Kini, CEO at Miami Children’s Health System, the retention level a year after a VR training session can be as much as 80 percent, compared to 20 percent retention after a week with traditional training.

We will compare traditional training methods to new and cutting edge techniques and show how they can work together to deliver a more fully comprehensive and immersive experience.