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Firearm Range Training

During the five different stages of the test, you will be scored on accuracy and reaction time at different distances. Every round fired must be with 100% accuracy and delivered within the time limit to pass the test. Not ready for the test? Practice marksmanship with adjustable parameters like time, distance and barricades.

What's included:

  • 3 modules
  • 15 minutes of courseware
  • Technical support
  • Custom Tracking and User Statistics
  • User account and administration
  • Savings to other courses after your first purchase
  • Oculus Quest or Samsung S7 or higher
  • Peripheral: Handgun or similar device
  • 20 hours of customization (logo update, target updates, distance adjustments, etc.)

This course is for anyone looking to practice and accumulate shooting range hours when the range is unavailable. Two versions are available: Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Users interact with the app using a prop gun modelled after the Smith & Wesson (or similar) for AR and Oculus Quest controller for VR. The prop gun has a proper trigger pull and uses Bluetooth to communicate between the gun and the app. The position and rotation of the input device controls the in-game pistol. Trainees must move the gun to line up the front and rear iron sights to properly sight the target and ensure control over the firing direction.

The Course of Fire mode scores trainees' ability to identify, sight and accurately hit a target within a time limit. Each stage tests a different aspect of a user's skill: marksmanship, reaction time, target transition and flash sighting. At the end of each stage the trainee is shown their score, time and grade. Users may retake any stage at any point; their best score is saved to a local leaderboard.





Oculus Quest, Android device

Peripheral Included

1 Unit

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Course Length

15 mins.

No. of Modules


Stats Tracking


Non VR Option

iOS, Android

Additional Information

  • Course Mode
    Single User
  • Supported User Modes
    Sitting, Standing
  • Genres
  • Developer
    Melcher Studios
  • Release Date
    March 1, 2020
  • Space Required
    3.0 GB
  • Recommended Hardware Specs
    - Oculus Quest
    - Samsung Galaxy S7 or higher
  • Version + Release Notes