VR Hub

Our custom VR hub is built as an open stack framework. The layout and design have been crafted with the client and user in mind using the newest technologies seamless application. It is a local application that connects to a cloud-based distribution platform that will allow us and our users to access and administer their solutions. It will also allow access to stats and ability for admin(s) to access reports and add, edit and delete users which is just a few examples of the many features and capabilities. To see all the features please review the information below.

Account Administration

Purchase and manage courses & peripherals with easy access to billing. Create users or groups and define permissions that allows access to the courses in your catalogue. Even enable remote access when there is no internet available.


We can customize what kind of stats you'd like to track. User progress and achievements are tracked using an API. The VR hub sends the stat data to the database where is it is stored securely.

Future Integration of BlockChain

In the near future, our VR hub will evolve to include Blockchain; this means that your user's data and stats will become even more secure. Blockchain is an immutable time-stamped series record of data that is distributed and managed by a cluster of computers, making it nearly impossible to hack. This technology will create irrefutable evidence that no test has been tampered with and will make official certification possible.


Our VR hub is flexible to your needs. We can customize what stats are tracked, logins, pass rate, localization items, access levels, playability, and multi-use. If you don't see it on the list, just ask, and we can make it happen.

Early Administration

Our cloud-based system for VR/AR/MR/PC Gamified solutions downloads as a package and saves locally. The system keeps data saved locally when there is no internet.