The Team

VRTS brings together experts in virtual technology and workplace health and safety, to create training courses that are not only cutting-edge, but also meet today’s health and safety standards.

Dwayne Melcher

Dwayne has been working as a professional production designer and project manager since 2003. He is the founder and CEO at Melcher Studios, managing and coordinating hundreds of exciting web, VR/AR, and interactive projects with clients from across Canada and beyond.

Chris Pass

Chris is a health and safety expert and educator, with over 30 years of professional experience, and was the founder of Armour Safety Inc. He understands the due diligence required for workplace health and safety programs and advises on all VRTS content and courses to ensure regulatory compliance.

Jack Hilkewich

Jack is a long-time filmmaker, animator and web producer. An experienced project manager, he brings years of experience to VRTS and its VR/AR production capabilities.

Holly Pass

Holly Pass, has a B.Ed. and a B.A. in Psychology. Holly has taken relevant safety courses on the Towards Zero Concept and Behavioural Safety. She has expertise in improving student learning, leading professional development workshops in this area for several years. Holly is also a Breath Alcohol Technician and a Certified Specimen Collector through DATAC, as well as, an Audiometric Technician.